News 2016

New names for Mad-Croc Herlevi Pulling Team tractors

The Mad-Croc Herlevi Pulling Team’s tractors will be competing under new names for the 2016 season. The new names are connected with Mad-Croc energy drinks and replace the old names, some of which had been in use for over a decade.


Doris is now Peach Energy.

Caesar is now Mad-Croc Energy.

Sigma Power is now Green Apple Energy.


Similarly, Pikku Caesar driven by Matti’s son Ronnie is now Sugar Free Energy. Ronnie competes in the Stock 500 kg category for drivers between the ages of 7 to 15.

Two Valtras in top five of Euro Cup

Mad-Croc Energy driven by Matti Herlevi took silver medal in the last round of the Euro Cup in Hajdúböszörmený, Hungary. Peach Tea driven by Ville-Matti Vuolletti came in fourth, so two of Team Herlevi’s Valtra tractors made it into the top five of the overall standings in the Euro Cup.


“I had good traction in my first pull but not in the second. Ville-Matti’s Peach Tea suffered engine damage at the end of the first pull, but he had enough momentum to achieve a full pull. Unfortunately, this meant that only three tractors took part in the pull off, with Peach Tea in fourth position,” Matti Herlevi reports.


Green Apple driven by Pekka Herlevi was less successful and came in eighth in Hungary. All of Team Herlevi tractors suffered their share of misfortune and success during the season, so each tractor claimed medals or other top positions, but also had setbacks.


The Euro Cup round in Hajdúböszörmený was the first top level tractor pulling event in the Pro Stock category to be held in Hungary, and the local spectators were very enthusiastic.


“A lot of people came to watch, and you seldom see so much enthusiasm as here in Hungary. The spectators were very responsive, and for sure many young lads caught the bug for tractor pulling.”


The next event for Team Herlevi will be the inaugural competition on the new track in Lievestuore, Finland, on 20 August. The team then heads to the European Championships, which will be held in Great Eccleston on Saturday 27 August.

Team Herlevi kept out of European Championships

Team Herlevi suffered a surprising setback at this year’s European Championships when the European Tractor Pulling Committee (ETPC) singled out the Finnish team and prevented it from competing. The ETPC claimed that the cylinder heads on Team Herlevi’s Valtra tractors contravened the new rule update that was published four days prior to the European Champs.

“According to the rules, the cylinder head castings must be serial produced, after which they can be modified. AGCO Power has manufactured over 48,000 engines with these cylinder head castings, and we have factory documentation to prove it,” Matti Herlevi comments.

Team Herlevi has used the same cylinder heads the whole season 2016. ETPC inspected them only four weeks earlier at the Euro Cup event in Brande and approved them.

This was particularly bitter for Pekka Herlevi, who has participated in every European Championships for over 25 years. Team Herlevi will continue to investigate the case with ETPC.