News 2012

Sigma Power takes silver in final round of Euro Cup

The Valtra Pulling Team’s Sigma Power tractor claimed second place in the final round of the Euro Cup in Bakel, the Netherlands.


“We reduced the amount of water in the intercooler and added weights to the front to compensate, giving us more weight over the front end. This helped keep the nose down, while the intercooling was sufficient even with the small amount of water – especially as we flushed the intercooler with cold water between pulls,” reports Matti Herlevi.


The team’s other tractors did not perform as well. Caesar suffered gearbox problems, while the feed pump on Doris failed. Caesar’s performance was particularly disappointing, as it dropped three places down the Euro Cup standings from third to sixth.


In the overall Euro Cup standings, Sigma Power finished in fourth position, followed by Caesar and Doris in sixth and seventh.

 kuva juttu Bakel

Countdown takes bronze in European Championships

Countdown claimed third place at the European Tractor Pulling Championships in Füchtorf, Germany. Countdown was competing for the first time in the colours of its new Swedish owners, Team Rudén. Constructed by Pekka Herlevi of the Valtra Pulling Team, the tractor was sold to Sweden last spring.


“This was my fourth pull with Countdown, and it went really well. I knew immediately at the end of the run that I had posted a great result,” commented Christian Rudén.


The Valtra pulling Team’s own tractors did not perform as expected. The first round was promising, as all the Valtras qualified easily for the pull-off, but in the pull-off itself lady luck was not on the team’s side.


Doris pulled up short when the kill switch accidentally went off, Sigma suffered gearbox damage, and Caesar did not get enough traction,” a disappointed Pekka Herlevi reports.


Sigma’s transmission must now be rebuilt, and the final of the Euro Cup takes place already next weekend. The Valtra Pulling Team is currently in third place in the Euro Cup, and with a strong performance and a little better luck than in Füchtorf the team could even take two medals in the Euro Cup.

Countdown tommi

Valtra Pulling Team continues its good run of success

The recent good form of the Valtra Pulling Team continues in the Euro Cup. In the latest round in Bouconville, France, on 18-19 August, Johanna Herlevi drove Doris to victory. Matti Herlevi came in fourth with Caesar and Pekka Herlevi fifth with Sigma Power.


“It was very hot there, over 40 degrees. Of course, the conditions were the same for everyone, and there was plenty of time for the tractors to cool down between pulls, since there were more than 20 tractors competing,” reports Pekka Herlevi.


The team’s success in Bouconville guaranteed all three tractors a place in the European Championships in Füchtorf, Germany, on 9 September. To qualify for the European Championships, each tractor requires at least half the number of points as the leading tractor in the Euro Cup rounds. In addition, qualification is guaranteed by winning a national title, as Caesar did by winning the Finnish Championship.


“We will be fighting for the top three positions in the European Championships. If our tractors perform as they should, everything is possible. Still, the competition is so close that even the slightest touch on the brake pedal can cost you ten places,” Pekka says.

Valtra Pulling Team takes top two positions in the Euro Cup in Herning

Despite a slow start to the season, the Valtra Pulling Team performed strongly in Herning, Denmark, on 28-29 July to take the top two positions in this Euro Cup event.


“In the pull-off both Doris and Sigma Power blew a piston, so now we have changed the pistons on all our tractors from cast to billet pistons. The new pistons can withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees, whereas with standard pistons the temperature of the exhaust cannot be more than 900 to 1000 degrees. With the new pistons we can reduce the amount of water injection and increase power,” explains Pekka Herlevi.




Caesar takes victory in the Finnish Championship



Caesar drove to victory in the Pro Stock category of the Finnish tractor pulling championship. This year the Finnish Championship consisted of six rounds that all attracted large audiences.


Only the Valtra Pulling Team contested the championship in the Pro Stock category, so the competition was very much between the team’s own tractors. Ultimately Caesar took victory with Doris in second place, Countdown in third and Sigma Power in fourth.


At the start of the summer Countdown was sold to a team in Sweden, where it has already competed in its new team colours.