News 2010

Tough second competition of the Euro cup for the Valtra team

1161 1Matti Herlevi and Caesar during the pull-off


The second round of the Euro Cup in Bernay, France on Sunday 6 June did not go quite as planned for the Valtra Shell Pulling Team. Even though the tractors functioned well, Sigma Power could only manage 5th, Caesar 7th and Doris 10th. Pekka Herlevi drove Sigma Power and Matti Herlevi drove both Caesar and Doris. The competition was won by the Dutch Valtra team Next Sensation.

“The tractors ran well, and traction was quite good, but we seemed to lack power. We will receive new parts for the tractors over the coming weeks that we hope will help the situation,” commented Pekka Herlevi after the competition.

In the overall Euro Cup standings Caesar is currently in 4th, Doris 6th and Sigma Power 7th. All the top ten tractors are very close on points, however, so anything can happen over the remaining five rounds.

Overall two-day event in Bernay was a big success. The evening event on Saturday was run in sunny conditions and attracted 18,000 spectators. Rain on Sunday morning threatened the day’s events, but fortunately the weather cleared around midday. However, the uncertain conditions meant that only 6000 spectators were on hand to watch the day’s tractor pulling.


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