News 2004

Indoor Tractor Pull in Arnhem


The climax of the season 2004 was definitely the Indoor Tractor Pull Arnhem. The Gelredome was turned into Europe’s biggest indoor pulling arena. 10 000 spectators came to see the European top tractors in action –9 different classes on 2 parallel tracks. The atmosphere was good and expectations high among all teams and the crowd of course.

Valtra Shell Pulling team was attendance with 2 pro stocks, while the third one was standing on display at the LIB exhibition in Denmark. This time Matti had to stand alongside the track and watch Johanna and Pekka doing their best on Doris and Sigma Power.

Sad ending for the season 2005

After many hours’ waiting in a chilly weather, pro stock class was started by White Crow and then followed by John Deere, Bad Boy’s Toy and Sigma Power. While John Deere and Sigma Power made nice full pulls, White Crow experienced some technical problems and BBT was disqualified for crossing the white line. Soon after the start there arouse problems with the smoke tube. It simply didn’t stand the heat of the exhausts and it had to be fixed after each pull, which naturally caused delays in timetable. Therefore after the first 4 competitors, the officials decided to change sledge-settings heavier to speed up the class. Anyhow, that didn’t solve the tube problem and after few more attempts made by Code Red, Runaway Deere, Red Attraction and Doris the class was dropped off and neutralized. Snoopy, Green Extreme, Bukke Bruse, Rocky and demo puller Hurricane didn’t get a chance to pull at all, which was very unfortunate.

Valtra team, among all pullers, will now start a well-deserved winter holiday. Next appearance will take place in Ahoy 2005.

Participants in pro stock:

1. White Crow, Ronald Rozeboom, NL
2. John Deere, Michael Galsgaard, DK
3. Bad Boys Toy, Karin Hendriks, NL
4. Sigma Power, Pekka Herlevi, FIN
5. Code Red, Geert Amhouts, B
6. Runaway Deere, Paul Broeks, NL
7. Doris, Johanna Herlevi, FIN
8. Snoopy, Edward Beukeveld NL
9.Green Extreme, Patrick Slot, NL
10. Red Attraction, Herbert van Werven, NL
11. Bukke Bruse, Jacob Jensen, DK
12. Rocky, Barend Huygbrets, NL
13. Hurricane, Gerrit Esselink, (demo), NL

One-Two for Valtra in the Euro Cup

521 1Johanna-winner of the pro stock euro cup 2004
The Valtra Shell Pulling Team guaranteed its one-two finish in the Pro Stock 3500 class of the Euro Cup after the final event of the season in Bettborn, Luxembourg on 19 September. Johanna Herlevi ended the season in first place, followed by Matti Herlevi in second, Martin Nicholson of Great Britain in third and Pekka Herlevi in fourth. The final standings were extremely close, as Matti, Pekka and Martin all finished the season with the same points. The final positions were thus determined by their standings in the final event.

“The competition looks like its getting tougher. We have to sit down now and think how we can get more power for next season. For sure, there will be changes over the winter,” commented Pekka Herlevi.

Pekka started the season well, but he had problems at in Bettborn when an exhaust valve broke at the 50-meter mark in the pull off. The speed of Sigma Power was still enough at the time to pull another twenty meters. Pekka’s strong results in Bernay, France and Herning, Denmark were enough to earn fourth position overall in the Euro Cup.

The last event of the season was won by Michael Galsgaard from Denmark. Johanna came in second and Matti third, but Pekka had to be satisfied with sixth position, giving him just seven Euro Cup points. Only one pull was allowed before the pull off.

“On the whole, the season went really well. There is always room for improvement, of course,” commented a happy Johanna Herlevi.

An estimated 7000 spectators were on hand to watch the competition, which was held under partly cloudy skies.


Euro Cup final standings, Pro Stock 3500 class, 3/3 events:
1) Johanna Herlevi, Doris, FIN 34 points,
2) Matti Herlevi, Caesar, FIN 29,
3) Martin Nicholson, Rough Justice, GB, 29,
4) Pekka Herlevi, Sigma Power, FIN, 29,
5) Michael Galsgaard, John Deere, DK, 21,
6) Mike Simmons, Ice Bear, 19,
7) Bo Svendsen, Il Tempo Gigante, DK, 15,
8) Niels Damgaard, Blue Bambino, DK, 15,
9) Barend Huybregts, Rocky, NL, 10,
10) Jan van der Veeken, Moving Mountains, 9,
11) Odd Erling Klinsheim, Tonja Harding, N, 9,
12) Trial ´n Error, Mark Edginton, GB, 9.

Euro Cup final event in Bettborn, Luxembourg 19.9:
1) Michael Galsgaard, John Deere, DK, 86.10,
2) Johanna Herlevi, Doris, FIN, 85.11,
3) Matti Herlevi, Caesar, FIN 83.16,
4) Martin Nicholson, Rough Justice, GB, 81.00,
5) Mike Simmons, Ice Bear, 79.77,
6) Pekka Herlevi, Sigma Power, 78.71,
7) Reneé Manders, Bad Boys Toy, NL, 97.10 in first pull,
8) Kees Wayer, White Crow, NL, 96.02,
9) Bo Svendsen, Il Tempo Gigante, 67.45,
10) Jan van der Veeken, Moving Mountains, NL 48.63,
11) Adrie van der Veeken, Wickie Power, NL, 0.01,
12) Niels Damgaard, Blue Bambino, DK, DQ.

Silver and bronze this time for the Valtra Shell Pulling Team at the European Championships

510 1Matti and Caesar
The Valtra Shell Pulling Team took silver and bronze in the Pro Stock 3500 Class at the European Tractor Pulling Championships in Füchtorf, Germany on Saturday 11 September. The competition was extremely tight, with victory eventually going Geert Amhouts of the Belgian Code Red Team.

“There went the victory,” commented chief engineer Mauno Ylivakeri as the gas cable broke on Johanna Herlevi’s tractor on pull off.

The cable broke on Johanna’s Doris tractor first time on her first pull, which still recorded 91.75 meters. Of the fourteen other competitors, eleven achieved full pulls. On their second attempts, Doris and Code Red made up for disappointing first pulls with impressive full pulls. Altogether 13 tractors thus made it to the pull off, although one tractor retired with engine failure.

“A lot of weight was added for the pull off. In fact, the sled was extremely heavy right from the start, which really punished tractors that spun their tires a lot, like ours,” said Pekka Herlevi.

In the pull off, all 12 competitors achieved pulls of between 63.98 and 75.05 meters. Ultimately, the difference between Johanna and the winner was just ten centimeters. Matti Herlevi and Caesar were 19 centimeters behind Johanna and Doris. Pekka Herlevi’s pull of 66.97 meters was only good enough for ninth position.

“We had a heavy thunderstorm this morning right before the competition, and another downpour right before our own event. It was really hard to get traction with the tires,” Pekka Herlevi commented.

An estimated 5000 spectators were on hand to watch the Pro Stock competition.

1) Code Red, Geert Amhouts, Belgium 74.05,
2) Doris, Johanna Herlevi, Finland 73.95,
3) Caesar, Matti Herlevi, Finland 73.76,
4) White Crow, Kees Wajer, Netherlands 71.32,
5) Blue Bambino, Niels Damgaard, Denmark 71.03,
6) Tonja Harding, Odd Erling Klingsheim, Norway 69.26,
7) Rough Justice, Martin Nicholson, Great Britain 68.59,
8) Runaway Deer, Paul Broeks, Netherlands 67.74,
9) Sigma Power, Pekka Herlevi, Finland 66.97,
10) Blue Rasch, Klaus Blank, Germany 66.48,
11) Wicky Power, Adrie van der Veeken, Netherlands 66.05,
12) Ice Bear, Mike Simmons, Great Britain 63.98,
13) John Deere, Michael Galsgaard, Denmark, full pull in first round,
14) Skipper, Steve Mason, Great Britain 95.69 in first round,
15) Super Toy, Bob Snelgrove, Great Britain 68,03 in first round.

Confirmed Pro Stock startlist at EC

498 1Johanna, Matti and Pekka are ready for EC
A Final startlist for EC has been published.
At the moment pro stock class consists of 15 top tractors, out of which 4 are Valtras.

Pro Stock 3.5t

1. Caesar, Matti herlevi, FIN
2. Ice Bear, Mike Simmons, GB
3. Runaway Deer, Paul Broeks, NL
4. Blue Bambino, Niels Damgaard, DK
5. White Crow, Kees Wajer, NL
6. Code Red, Geert Amhouts, NL
7. Rough Justice, Martin Nicholson, GB
8. Doris, Johanna Herlevi, FIN
9. John Deere, Micahel Galsgaard, DK
10. Wickie Power, Aadri v/d Veeken, NL
11. Skipper, Steve Mason, GB
12. Blue Rasch, Klaus Blank, DE
13. Tonja Harding, Odd Erling Klingsheim, N
14. Super Toy, Bob Snelgrove, GB
15. Sigma Power, Pekka Herlevi, FIN

Other Finns

Finnish minipullers, Mad Max and Diesel are also competing on Saturday. Let´s wish them a lot of good luck.

Further information, please go to

499 1Martti Isomäki and minipuller "Diesel"

Valtra Team making preparations for European Championships

496 1This summer Matti has been able to sit back and watch…
All three pro stocks of Valtra Shell pulling team were qualified for European Championships. This year the main event of the season is held in Füchtorf, Germany on 11-22 September. Pro Stock class is driven on Saturday afternoon.
Before Herlevis start their long journey to Germany, all three tractors, Caesar, Doris and Sigma Power are given full service.