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Valtra’s triple victory in Oraison, France

Valtra tractor pulling team had a beautiful ending for the season 2002 by taking triple victory at pro stock 3,5 t class in south of France. This time Johanna won, Matti took silver and Pekka bronze.

-the track here was absolutely the best we have had this summer, says Johanna. Every single horse power was needed and used. We all made easy full pulls and in the pull off pretty nice runs. Only Sigma Power was not in good balance and Pekka couldn’t make best out of it.

The competiton itself was one round of French national series, but there was some other European team invited. Herlevi family has been in Oraison for couple of times before.

Although it had been raining a lot in that area, the competition was held in a perfect circumstances. 15 000 spectators as well as competitors were enjoining of tractor pulling and other supplementary program in nearly +30 degrees temperature.
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Gold and bronze for Valtra at European tractor pulling championship

Matti Herlevi won European championships gold in the 3.5 t pro stock class in Bakel in the Netherlands. Good success was completed with bronze medal taken by his sister Johanna. Father Pekka took fourth place.

- the track was slippery and it got worse towards the end. It was difficult to get grip, but fortunately end results are quite good, tells Matti.

Matti Herlevi was among those 10 competitors out of 14, who easily made full pull at the first round. In the pull off victory was achieved with 82,41 m pull. Second place was taken by Martin Nicholson with 80,26 m pull. Johanna got bronze with 78,12 m pull and Pekka was 4th only 4 cm behind his daughter Johanna.

- I was disappointed after my pull. I was pretty sure that the distance I made was not enough to take me in top 5, because there was still 7 tough tractors to come, says Johanna Herlevi.

Matti is now double European champion. He won gold also last year’s European championships in Sweden. Johanna got EC silver last year and EC gold in 1998. Father Pekka got EC bronze last year and won in year 2000.

European tractor pulling championships 2003 will be held in Alahärmä Finland 6.-7.9.

They are expecting to have 15 000 spectators. In Bakel there was some 30 000 spectators.
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Exciting Pulling competition in Herning, Denmark

Pro stock class was driven on a very warm Saturday afternoon at Herning pulling Arena. Competition was tough and very exciting. Nearly all 15 tractors were running well and crowd was enjoying the even race and well-matched competitors.

Still the track in Herning was not at its best and that caused troubles in balancing the tractors and controlling the tyre pressures. At the first round 10 pro stocks out of 15 made an easy Full pull, including three Valtras.

Matti (Caesar) started the pull off and he achieved a nice 94 metres. Father Pekka (Sigma Power) managed to pull further than Matti, but soon both of them were dropped out from the top-3. The success of Valtra team was now left on Johanna’s (Doris) shoulders.

Johanna pulled just across the 110-metre line and qualified to double pull-off together with Martin Nicholsson (Rough Justice) and Niels Damgård (Blue Bambino). Johanna came second after Danish Damgård. In final results Pekka got fift place and Matti was sixth. This time luck was not on their side. Despite of that Herlevi family is still leading the pro stock cup.

Next Valtra team will compete in Nordic Championships in Lidköping, Sweden 2.-3.8.

Valtra’s triple victory at tractor pulling Euro Cup

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A very tough pro stock 3500 Euro Cup ended in a triple victory for Herlevi family. The final results were decided exceptionally after three rounds, because the last competition in Windenhof, France was cancelled due to a very heavy rain.

Father Pekka won gold by 40 points, daughter Johanna became second by 35 points and son Matti got bronze by 34 points.

-we are very happy with these results, because the competition is strong in Europe. We didn’t anticipate this at any point, tells Pekka Herlevi.

For the last few days team has been making preparations for the E.C., which will take place in Bakel, Netherlands on the 8th September. Last week’s test pulls were promising and the team is looking forward to the competition with confidence.
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Spectators enjoying the tractor pulling show in Haapajärvi, Finland

The second round of Finnish Championships in tractor pulling was driven in Haapajärvi, Finland on the 23 of June. Around 3 000 spectators had gathered along the 100-metre long track, which is a lot according to Finnish standards. There was plenty to see. The opening pull was naturally made with new Valtra S-series after which small-sized standard tractors started the competition itself.

After some hours pro stocks appeared to the close pit area. In Europe, as well as in Finland, this class is known as one of the most exiting class and of high level. This event was no exception. Although only six tractors had signed up, there was no lack of impressive performances, excitement and even drama. In Pro Stock 3,5 t class Johanna was unbeatable by doing a neat full pull already at the first attempt. Brother Matti took second place with 89 metres and third places was taken with a 70 metres pull by Ursus-based Ursula driven by Jukka Vähätalo. Father Pekka didn’t take part, because his tractor is under construction for the moment.

In the heavier, 4,5 t class Herlevis tend to drive very seldom. Anyhow this time Johanna decided to compete and took another first place with two quite speedy pulls. The sledge settings were nearly too light in this heavier class and Johanna gained very high speed in the first pull and the front-end of her tractor went sky-high beyond 100-metre line. At the end the front wheels thudded to the ground so hard that the front axle bent, but fortunately didn’t break. For the short moment the team thought that game was over, but father Pekka wasn’t ready to give up and Johanna and Doris were soon back on the track. Damaged front axle didn’t slow up Johanna’s speed and victory was taken with difference of 14 metres to Jukka Vähätalo.

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