News 1999

Valtra in the lead of the Finnish Champioship


Pekka and Sigma Power               Johanna and Doris                 Matti and Caesar

The Finnish Championship battle continued at Haapajärvi where an audience of almost three thousand people were following the second round of the Finnish Championship tractor pulling. Johanna Herlevi was again superior in the Pro Stock class. She was the only one to make the full pull. This was enough to win the race and to ensure her leading position in the league.

Second in the Pro Stock class was the son of the Herlevi family - Matti Herlevi. He came second also in the previous race and is therfore number two in the total points. Pekka Herlevi was the best driver of the diesel-powered tractors and therefore leads the Super Stock Finnish Championship class.

Mikko Perä, driving a metanol-powered tractor, won the race. Pekka Herlevi came second in the rerun. Sigma Power is based on diesel-powered equipment. The rules of the class however do allow also tractors that use metanol as their fuel.

After two races Pekka Herlevi leads the Finnish Championship race in the Super Stock class. Second is Tapio Kangas, seven points behind. At third position is Johanna Herlevi who has tested her Doris tractor also in the Super Stock class. Fourth, after the second round is Mikko Perä.


Test drive in Sweden

The first round in the Swedish Championship took place in Lidköping, Sweden 21.5.-99. The Finnish Valtra Valmet Shell Pulling Team was there to test their new equipment. Johanna Herlevi competed in the Pro Stock class with her tractor Doris. Everything went as planned and resulted again in a superior victory of the class.

Pekka Herlevi also successfully tested his Sigma Power tractor and the new Power Shift system in the Super Stock class. The tests went well and resulted in a victory of the class. Johanna Herlevi drove also in the Super Stock class and came second!

Success in Europe

There are already four Finns who have made their way to the top by winning the European Championship:

- Mikko Perä won the European Championship with a Finnish Valmet tractor in the Super Stock 4.4 t class in 1992.

- Pekka Herlevi won the same championship the next year and renewed his championship in the 3.4 t class
   in years 1996 and -98. Pekka Herlevi has also been second in the European Championship races in years
   1992, -94, - 96 and -97.

- In 1996 Crister Örn won the European Championships in the Super Stock 4.4 t class.

- The newcomer in the group of champions is the daughter of Pekka Herlevi, Johanna Herlevi, who won
   the European Championship in the Pro Stock class in 1998.